I never got the…

I never got the chance to choose between right and wrong all i got were two options in front of me..




When someone walks alone people say he fears crowd and when he starts living in the crowd people say he fears himself…



I knew everything about you,

But you didn’t tell me any.

Somewhere I had the insight,

And assurance made by many.


I knew you weren’t the person,

You projected to be;

The nicer, the calmer, the innocent

Fake side you showed me,


I knew everything,

Still I accepted being fooled.

Stupid was I , to give

My heart to be ruled.


Yes I thought, that things will change,

And wasted my time on you.

But the fact was that,

You were far from true.


I felt guilty? no dear,

Nor I was ashamed;

My lack of social sensibility.

Should be blamed.


Though I thought of you,

You are the past.

I don’t need you,

These words will last

Forever and ever.

Miss You


You were my strength,

You were my bestest friend.

Where have you gone

Leaving me alone

Just wanna say

Miss you…. Mom.

With you I had pleasant days of my life

I had true laughs and cries

You were the one who understood me

With you I could be real me

I could share my thoughts with you

I took out my frustration at you

But you never complained

You smiled at my pain

Just to annoy me, make me smile

You never cared for yourself a while.

I loved you, though I never told you

Your laughs made me smile

And your sorrows made me sad

Maybe its too late to say

But I love you dear Mom

I know you loved me too;

I was your dearest of the two

So why did you leave me,

Aware, it was impossible for me;

To live without you.

You were my life, now gone

Made me empty handed & helpless;

Wish I could let that never happen

Wished that moment never came

But it came and took you away

It didn’t give me even a second to say:

That Mom I love you

I would have pleaded and not let you go

You were my life as you know.

But still without you I am living’

I breathe, eat and do daily chores,

But to tell you the truth it aches somewhere;

My laughs are not that honest

My breath not that lively

My tears have dried on their own

I am just a soul with bone

But my heart goes missing

Its there with you

You should have given it back

Now what would I do;

With whom I would laugh whole heartedly

At whom I would scream when frustrated

Who will annoy me with her acts

With whom I would have those secrets pacts?

To whom I would complain,

That my life is a mess

Who would tell me that I was the prettiest

Who will emotionally blackmail me

For those panipuries and chaats

Who will handle my tantrums

While shopping for hours

Miss you mom come back if you can

We’ll eat as much panipuries as you want

I’ll never ask you to grow up

And will fulfill all your wishes

Just come back for your dear princess,

She needs you back..