Someone asked me how was my life. i replied that it was rocking only a day before it hit the rock bottom!!

Curious Vision

Seven colours

reveal a mystic combination

each nonchalant face

depicts an interesting story

the shallow river

unveils some slimy creations

the dark sky

prompts a mysterious secret

Don’t rebuff it as a serious observation

But the fact is that-

things turn exotic;

to a curious vision..


How delicate was born she;

How sensitive was born she!

Pure beauty personified with dignity;

But a bed of roses wasn’t her world to be.

Shallow was her fame;

And false were the claims.

Since childhood she was cautioned about the other lot;

She could be carefree only her thoughts.

She was independent carrying emotional strands;

Aware, others’ wish was her command.

Though acknowledged equal to the other;

Somethings weren’t for her to bother.

An hollow pride of her family she turned to be;

Ohh! as a disguised princess was born she.