Have the courage to cling to the string of hope till your last breathe; who knows your strength may shadow all your failures and you are remembered as a falling star!!

The day I met you..

The day I met you

I was full of desires

Though the presumptions made

Were blown far out of proportion.

Yes, I smile ever

But the smile spread in my eyes

wasn’t the one familiar.

The meet was small

But made my desires all very strong.

There was something queer,

the talks thereafter weren’t that quaint.

I wished some things to happen

certainly, your smiles had something to offer

Though I wished it

But never agreed to it.

Yes, I liked your flirtatious smile,

and your indicative talks

But was content to have that all.

I wanted to be free

Love wasn’t for me

Alas, you had unconsciously

Weaved into me;

My thoughts

My talks

My smile

My sorrow

They shared you dreamily

There was something cooking.

I decided to be ignorant

and have a deaf ear

To the things at stake;

Was happy with the cherishes

Curtailed somewhere.

As, back in my mind

I was no fool to be endeared.

Love never existed for me

It had always been a foolish company.

Surely you didn’t like my game

Those puzzles had raised your doubts.

Honestly, it was just that

I never wanted things to be clingy

Nevertheless realized

My inane fallacy

Your love wasn’t a clasp

But a caring hug

You didn’t want to cease my flight

Instead fly along

My fears were stupid

You told me bold

And I am ready to embrace

Your warm hold

So with nothing beholding me

I pronounce aloud

U were my desire since so long

And I want to be with you

For eternity and on.

I am bad at expressing

I confess that

And may be unromantic

To respond you back

So making it simple

I wanna tell you

Yes dear…

I have always loved you!!