The kite and the string


When jobs are done rather consummately,
one cannot be blamed

“Rightly, no one is at guilty,
so things would go on
as they have been?”

Parts maybe what were obliged to be,
changes manifest
and corrections become necessary.

One of the three needs to revise the course,
but who should do that
is where I would close.


The kite and the string.


Guilty isn’t a great favour,
to bestow
when all are perfect players.

Each performs its part,
whether weak or bold
is his art.

The wind is fierce,
to trample all
without any preference.

The string is weak at heart,
unable to decide
with who to part.

While the kite is passionate,
not ready to give in
to the fate.

The kite and the string.


If the string leaves its hold,
and let the kite be
alone and bold.

It knows that the storm,
would dump the kite ruthlessly
shattered and worn.


“But isn’t it the destiny of kite,
to rise and then reach
the end of its flight?

The result may be evident,
important is yet
to make an attempt.

The kite may eventually fall,
however, for even a second
it could have stood tall.

So, tell me now,
who is guilty
and how?”

the kite and the string.


No! no! you need to halt,
think deeper
the string isn’t at fault.

the string binds kite for its love,
while the wind is mighty
that it has to serve.

Nevertheless, it loosens its hold,
to facilitate the kite
with a flight decent, may not be bold.

However, to the string; the wind is supreme,
which it cannot fidget but oblige
even to prosper the kite’s dream.

Maybe, it is too timid,
to stand straight
in the storming wind.

And yes, it is definitely weak for the kite,
bound with whose love
it cannot lose its sight.