Run…not to shed the beliefs of others but to attain your own faith!!


I decided to end..

the weather was bright,
sunny and harsh,
the obstinate heat
had stubbornly played its part.

the heat outside,
was unbearable;
similar was the burn inside
seemingly insurmountable.

that moment my own reflection
seemed a stranger
unfathomably dark
and wearied out.

the dark being took me
towards a darker corridor
to which I sighed
I could traverse no more

thus I decided to end
the tale too exhaustive
and hale
to be learned.


The road is busy, horns and screeching noises are nothing new to be heard but I like the view as I am going on. The howling traffic and honking horns and in between stray animals mark a sight that unconsciously is intoxicating me. I walk briskly swinging my arms seeming to rush towards the sun-kissed cloud that with its diffusing aura marks the arrival of dusk. Though there is nothing worth to be called majestic but I truly endear the atmosphere busy in its routine, aiming towards a target.

Actually yes I also just dropped out of an overcrowded smelly auto fulfilling my errand but now though walking briskly the whole sight seems to pass by utterly slow helping me grasp the very sound of each step I take irrespective of the hurried sounds pouring into my ears. I actually love this busy road in front of me, my walk or the stroll brings in a lot more time for retrospection. No, it isn’t that I am too busy all day to hover on my life at this moment but it is the noises outside that help me to understand the chaos within me. Honestly, I am not at all busy, utter ‘velli’ of the decade is me. Jobless, aimless, clueless swinging my arms but still briskly walking is me.

Now don’t take me as a victim of repression or women discrimination but the thing is actually that presently I am what I actually told you without any reasons of being so ‘less’! yeah things are quite funny I believe. Last year I was employed, though not a very good perk it was but yes there I enjoyed a respectful place and a hush life. Life was moving and things were busy so I was happy with the way I had sailed through the storm in recent past. Things were moving and I felt contented. I lost my mother my only support and push in the world, and then time overpowered me. The day is warm but still I embrace myself as something shivers me.