Do not let others decide your happiness quotient,it shall invariably be you.

Ma…. I need you

Ma…. I need you


When I lazily sit on the couch;

I need your hands,

to pull me out.


When I successfully complete a task

I need your proud eyes,

To relish and bask.


When I sit idle;

I need your company,

To gossip about the contemporary world.


When I laugh;

I need your laughs,

To double my reasons.


When I tread a  new path;

Along I need your steps,

To strengthen my start.


When I feel low;

I need your wink,

To cheer my brow.


When I fall;

I need your words,

To stand again tall.


When I feel vulnerable;

I need your hug,

To make me feel capable.


When I am anxious;

I need your weird talks,

To laugh out the stress.


When I goof up things;

I need your protection,

From the demeaning clings.


When I sit alone;

I need you to sit beside,

And assure me that the world is not that sour.


Ma… I need you

For every single moment

To make that moment count.