Ma…. I need you

Ma…. I need you


When I lazily sit on the couch;

I need your hands,

to pull me out.


When I successfully complete a task

I need your proud eyes,

To relish and bask.


When I sit idle;

I need your company,

To gossip about the contemporary world.


When I laugh;

I need your laughs,

To double my reasons.


When I tread a  new path;

Along I need your steps,

To strengthen my start.


When I feel low;

I need your wink,

To cheer my brow.


When I fall;

I need your words,

To stand again tall.


When I feel vulnerable;

I need your hug,

To make me feel capable.


When I am anxious;

I need your weird talks,

To laugh out the stress.


When I goof up things;

I need your protection,

From the demeaning clings.


When I sit alone;

I need you to sit beside,

And assure me that the world is not that sour.


Ma… I need you

For every single moment

To make that moment count.






They asked me reasons

I gave them many.

Then alas! They remarked-

“Excuses are no bravery.”


Oh! How foolish were

My insane thoughts,

To believe they would faith

The gravity life had brought.


The more I explained,

The many eyebrows got raised.

So, I stopped the venture

Of putting my stance.


They took me as shallow

Fearing deep waters,

However, my scales

Were of different measures.


Their courage was to

Loudly confront others

And live life boldly

As self considers.


Mine was different-

Living by others’ expectations.

For that I maybe shallow

In exerting own perceptions.


If courage is to travel unknown waters,

I had walked dreams unknown to me,

Brave are those who fight for the known;

How wasn’t fighting my way amidst

those strangest deals is a brave me?