Silence envelops great turmoil
Smiles fa├žade great regrets
The world is adulterated
To great depths.

Things are put up
To show a play
We put on a new mask
Each and every day.

To behold our thoughts,
To shield our views,
To blend them with others,
Smearing false hues.

How flattering
the gray manipulatives are,
Away from the true selves
They plod us far.

Reality may be cruel
It is accessible;
But rainbows are far,
honestly intangible.


It may be..

It may be
that you have gone by
far away
beyond the sky.
I do not find you
sitting in that chair
but I do feel you
in this air.

They say
you were woman of power
and must be
amidst those stars
but they do not realize
the very fact;
you have been with me
forever intact.

You lent me
the loving hand
to make me walk
and bravely stand.
Now beside me
you walk quietly
lending the same hand
supporting me eternally.

you may not be in my sight,
I feel your shelter
in my every flight;
you may be gone
in every logical sense
but in me you live
in your very essence.

If rainbows were seen..

If rainbows were seen

with eyes sullen,

the vista would seem

a distressing quarrel.

Where the seven colours

hadn’t be in peace homogenizing

but at a cruel pace

hard competing.


However, the eyes were happy

that found the colours majestic,

the beauty was flaunting

unwired, unrestricted.